Ancient fossil

Fossils, the mineralized remains of extinct creatures, have been part of the natural and cultural landscape since the first humans gathered stone shells for ritual and decorative uses (Oakley 1975).

Black magic

The comprehensive range of Kadappa Black Natural stone that is offered by us are quite impervious and hard. These Natural Kadappa Black stone are used for cladding and flooring purposes as the stone is more resistant than most other sedimentary rocks. Available in easy to cut into blocks, these stones are also long-lasting and can also withstand any exposure.

Buff Blend

Buff Blend has an attractive riven surface and comprises a blend of Buff, Honey, soft Pink and subtle Grey.  Buff Blend sandstone is a relatively hard stone and is less porous than Fossil Mint.

Round about

Adding a feature circle design to your patio or driveway or patio paving project can dramatically enhance the area. Paving circle kits are the best way to start any circular design as the kit includes all the specific shaped slabs to complete you circle pattern.


Raj Green natural Indian sandstone paving slabs are hand split to give a riven surface. Raj Green paving displays predominant tones of green grey with some tones towards brown or grey.

Winter grey

Kandla grey sandstone also known as Focus or Budhpura Grey has quartz grains cemented together by secondary silica & calcite. Due to the presence of Quartz in it this is also known as Quartzitic Sandstones. Due to natural bluish Grey color it find extensive popularity in pavings.